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Our Profile

Hydrotecsa PTY LTD is a privately owned company registered in South Africa. Our head office is based in Paarl in the Western Cape.  Our products are manufactured in Port Elizabeth in a state –of-the art plant, that also manufacturer high quality components for the automotive industry (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen).  Our entire product range is 100% locally manufactured and we are Proudly South African.

We are a reputed drainage manufacturer with a well- established brand in the construction and plumbing industry.  We design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of high quality drainage products.  At Hydrotecsa we are proud of our national footprint in the marketplace.

We continuously develop new products and improve our diverse product range.  The quality of our products has set the benchmark in our industry and has always been the hallmark of Hydrotec.  All our products are 100% recyclable.

Hydrotec has a dedicated and loyal team with many years of experience in the industry. We embrace innovation and develop solutions to challenges and problems encountered by our clients.  Based on industry feedback, we come-up with practical solutions to simplify installations.   Our user friendly product has a universal modular design with the advantage of stacking fewer components with superior functionality.

Hydrotec is committed to provide practical training, on an on-going basis, to all our stakeholders, ensuring proper product knowledge and a clear understanding of our installation procedures.

Our efficient distribution network facilitates prompt delivery to all our customers countrywide.  In addition we deliver on time when exporting to neighboring countries.


Social Responsibilities

We employ local people from the communities our business is based in.  We also sponsor training of staff and non-staff members, to develop skills in the construction industry, by enrolling them on a training program at the Stellenbosch Municipality through TJEKA TRAINING MATTERS PTY LTD ACCREDITATION NO 5P5261.   Since 2013 25 people have been trained.

Hydrotec also focuses on the development of future entrepreneurs by arranging information sharing discussions.  Where new ideas and concepts are discussed and put to the test.  Hydrotec management provide funding and mentoring to these upcoming entrepreneurs, who gets the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.  This is an ongoing project or mentor program in Paarl.



We strive to establish our business as a world leading drainage manufacturer. Hydrotec will always focus on:

Being highly innovative;

Producing contemporary designed products of the highest quality;

Being a market leader in ease of use of our products.

We will use the best available technology to design and produce our products and provide the competitive pricing.

We strive to deliver customer focused service.



INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT are the core values of our company and our people.

EXCELLENCE in product design and HIGH QUALITY drainage products will remain central in our business.

PROFESSIONAL customer focus service and the PASSION to getting THINGS DONE drive us daily.


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